Month: October 2016

Negativity Bias

For most of my time as a YouTuber I’ve consciously tried to frame my videos as conversation starters rather than “rants.” You can decide for yourself whether or not I’ve been successful at that, but regardless, I do think that in the past I may have contributed to the air of cynicism and negativity that…
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Everything You Need to Know About My YouTube Channel

This video is an attempt at transparency about my motivations and goals for my YouTube channel. I also discuss a few things about my income as a YouTube and how I deal with comment moderation. If you have any questions about me as a YouTuber or my YouTube channel, feel free to send me a…
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WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR?? (Casey Neistat Discussion)

Last week, popular YouTuber Casey Neistat released a video where he not only urged his viewers to support Hillary Clinton for President but also to call out other big YouTubers and get them to discuss politics, even if they don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing so. This generated a lot of controversy, as some people perceived…
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The Gender Pay Gap – REDUX

In this video I revisit my recent video, “THE GENDER PAY GAP IS NOT A MYTH” and respond to many of the most common ideas from the comments.


As a person who does more talking than doing when it comes to social justice, I’ve historically¬†hesitated to refer to myself as a “feminist.” Some people think a feminist is just anyone who supports the equality of the genders, but I’ve always thought it weird that one particular movement gets to claim ownership over “not…
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