I’m Not Scared of Donald Trump

I’m Not Scared of Donald Trump


Voters in America are often faced with the challenge of selecting the “lesser of two evils”, and this years Presidential election feels to many of us (especially progressives) like the choice is harder than it ever has been. On the one hand you have Donald Trump, who by most measures in completely unqualified and who has based his campaign on xenophobia and fear. He’s shown on multiple occasions to lack knowledge in the areas important to politics in general, much less the Presidency. And then you have Hillary Clinton, who basically represents all the problems with America’s democratic system. She was a shoe-in for the nomination because of massive financial backing from corporations and insider loyalty within the Democratic National Committee. Her campaign has subverted democracy at every turn, and it’s hard to trust a candidate who is so cushy with Wall Street.

After the unprecedented rise of Bernie Sanders, a lot of people are disillusioned with the election process. Bernie Sanders gave people the radical idea that maybe, they didn’t actually have to vote for the lesser of two evils. And even though Bernie is now out of the race, the ideas that he has shared are still resonating and a lot of people do not want to follow his lead and support Hillary Clinton.

Some of those people would rather vote for Trump, which I personally don’t understand, but many others are looking towards 3rd party candidates, like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. These proclamations send a wave of fear across progressives, because these votes increase the likelihood of Trump becoming President. But this is still America. Trump is still at the mercy of the American people. We are his boss. We hold him accountable.

My view is that at some point we have to stop playing this game. This “lesser of two evils” narrative is unsustainable, and we’ll never get out of the cycle unless we take a stand. There will always be a “lesser of two evils.” This is what they want. This election cycle is the closest a true revolutionary candidate with ideas that resonated with real people, and he was sabotaged by his own party as well as the media. This is going to keep happening until we stop playing this game. ┬áIf we ever want to have an actually good candidates, we have to stop playing by the bad candidates rules.

If we have to deal with Trump in the meantime, I say bring it on.

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3 Responses

  1. Ari says:

    It scares me that you do not find Trump scary.

  2. Lori Farrell says:

    I am 60 and I have voted a few times… You spoke my mind, son. I agreed with the entire video. If you knew me, that is rare. Thank you! I shared this.

  3. Karen McDaniels says:

    Fear based politicking has long been the domain of Republicans, now the Democratic Party has not better campaign slogan than “Marginaly Better Than Trump”.
    We progressives can do better than this; either either we take back the party or we break the two party system.

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