4 Problems with “Rebound” Dating

4 Problems with “Rebound” Dating

I’ve been doing a large amount of social justice videos┬álately, so I wanted to switch it up. A few years ago, my channel became somewhat known for videos about relationships and interpersonal social dynamics; and while I still talk about this every now and then, I’ve definitely expanded my channel to focus more on social issues as of late.

At any rate, the topic of “rebound dating” has come up in livestreams a couple times, and I made a note a while ago to try and work on a video discussion of the topic. It seems to be somewhat of a controversial topic, as some people believe that getting back into the dating pool is an important step in getting over a lost love. I’m not convinced myself, however. It seems to me that the potential negatives of trying to use rebounds to get over a break up might outweigh the positives.┬áThis video provides a couple of the reasons why I think that is the case.

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