A couple weeks ago I made a video where I ranted about the state of discourse on the internet nowadays. Instead of having civil, honest discussions about the topics that are pressing, we have divided ourselves into groups based on our surface-level disagreements and we dismiss our opponents as being either evil or idiotic and not worth our time. This video piggy backs on that idea and describe one way in which discussion on the internet is shut down: the use of buzzwords.

Buzzwords are overused terms that people use instead of having to share actual thoughts or arguments. We see buzzwords in all parts of life, like business, politics, even everyday speech, and usually they’re innocuous if not a bit trite and annoying. However when it comes to discussion on the internet, particularly in the arena of social justice, buzzwords are often used in an aggressive, accusatory manner. It has become just another way to be divisive and derogatory. Like other offenses, these buzzwords all were once just jargon of underground communities, but they have begun to appear as a part of mainstream discourse.

So my plea is, if you ever find yourself responding to someones opinion or argument with a buzzword instead of a rebuttal argument of your own, stop and think twice.



Cuck – short for cuckservative, from the word “cuckold”. kind of like a white version of an uncle tom. used against white men who believe in feminism and white privilege


Regressive Left – counter to the term “progressive”. an idea that liberals are becoming tolerant of bad ideas in order to be politically correct


virtue signaling – the idea that people say things to appear righteous or smart, not because they actually believe it


social justice warrior – general term for people who engage in SJ topics. often used to describe people who get offended easily


friend zone – used to describe a state of unrequited affection towards a woman. often used in an accusatory way


feminazi – a radcial feminist, but sometimes used to describe all feminists


AFC/Beta – average frustrated chump. a man who should be getting sex and romance but doesn’t (because of feminism, often)


bluepill/redpill – The Matrix analogy. bluepills people that are “plugged in” to the narrative of gender equality. redpills are “awake” and understand the flaws in feminist thinking.


egalitarian – worldview that all people are equal and should be treated as such. often used as a counter to feminism, saying that feminism is not needed


NAWALT/NAFALT – Not All Women (Feminists) Are Like That. Mens groups use this term as a tongue in cheek way to dismiss the women who make this argument.




neckbeard – general term for socially inept men, now used often to describe anti-feminist men


tone-policing – basically the idea that arguments would go over better if they aren’t presented angrily. people are accused of tone-policing often when they point out that someone is being combative


problematic – very broad term to describe anything that seems to be socially unjust


dudebro – term to describe “macho guys” who believe in male superiority


privilege – the idea that some groups have inherent advantages in society. people are often told to “check their privilege” when they make arguments


trigger – something, usually an idea or piece of media that causes offense or discomfort, or prompts a ptsd response. people with triggers often request “trigger warnings”


internalized misogyny – the idea that some women propogate sexism by enforcing sexist attitudes towards themselves and other women. often used against women with traditional gender values.


appropriation – a person adopting styles/behaviors/fashion/etc of a group that they are not a part of. this is considered “problematic” by some

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