Calling People Crazy — Things I’m Working On

Calling People Crazy — Things I’m Working On

In my videos, I tend to come off as “the expert” or “the one who’s figured it out”, and that’s to be expected when you have a platform like this. Thousands of people watch my videos, presumably because they think I have valuable things to say. But of course, I’m not perfect. And the rare insight I do have, I have to work though and learn myself, either through deep introspection or pure trial and error.

To illustrate this, I’m starting a new segment on my channel┬ácalled “Things I’m Working On” where I discuss ideas and behaviors that I do myself, personally, that I think might be problematic or in need of reform. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that even if we have certain values, it can be hard to actually live according to those values. It’s a thing that, like most anything else, requires practice and conscious effort.

It’s very possible that you may care less about the things that I feel need to be improved–you may not think certain things are as big a deal as I do, and I might not think certain things are as big a deal as you do. But hopefully this will encourage people to be self-aware and put in the effort to live life according to their own values.

In this episode, I talk about my discomfort with describing people as “crazy.” I do this all the time, but as I think about it, it seems very dismissive, and probably never the ideal way to describe someone’s behavior.

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