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trump and mental illness

A lot of people are calling for trump to be psychologically examined, and I suppose I kind of agree with that sentiment. Although, I fear if this were to happen, the doctors might come back and say, “Nope he’s not mentally ill, he’s just actually that terrible a person.”

listen to happy people

I think sometimes we are often suspicious and cynical towards happy, successful people–especially when they share the stories of their success and offer advice about how we can get there ourselves. We have this sort of “it’s easy for you to say” mentality. And let’s not be mistaken, some people are clearly outliers; either in…
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Finding “your” people

It’s easy to focus on numbers as a content creator. I admit, I constantly check how many views I’m getting, how many subscribers I have on YouTube, how many followers I have on Twitter, etc. And all that stuff has value, don’t get me wrong. A person with a million subscribers is more likely to…
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No shortcuts

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into self-improvement and financial freedom. This basically entails spending hours absorbing TED Talks, interviews, and other related work from established gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, BrenĂ© Brown, Seth Godin–the list could go on. I’ve found this to be incredibly inspiring and motivating- – I…
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Remember Why You Do it

  Sometimes I find myself caught in YouTube rabbit holes where I think of something I want to watch, and that makes me think of something else to search for, which then makes me think of something else that would be cool, and so on. There are these compilations that fans of Jenna Marbles and…
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