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Discussion with YouTuber ContraPoints

A few days ago, I did a live discussion with fellow YouTuber ContraPoints (who I’m a huge fan of). We discussed several topics surrounding our personal approaches to discussing politics and social justice on YouTube. Check it out here!

The Good Guys Don’t Always Win

One of the interesting things about religion is the assurance that no matter what happens, the good guys will win the end. In fact, it’s often suggested that things will become quite bad before the final victory, as if it is all part of the plan.  In the absence of this conviction, we must consider…
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The Gender Pay Gap is Not a Myth

This video is essentially a vlog version of something I wrote for this website a few weeks ago. In that blog I talk about conventional wisdom and how it’s sometimes obviously right, but also how sometimes it’s surprisingly wrong. Because what’s generally accepted often turns out to be wrong, I try to pay attention whenever…
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WTF is HAKO? Pt 1

Over the past couple of months I’ve ended all of my videos with the mantra “HAKO.” It’s an acronym I came up with a long time ago that stands for Honesty, Assertiveness, Kindness, and Open-mindedness. For the longest, it has served as a personal reminder of what I think are the baseline values a decent…
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Calling People Crazy — Things I’m Working On

In my videos, I tend to come off as “the expert” or “the one who’s figured it out”, and that’s to be expected when you have a platform like this. Thousands of people watch my videos, presumably because they think I have valuable things to say. But of course, I’m not perfect. And the rare…
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The Wage Gap and “Conventional Wisdom”

Often, an idea will pop up that defies conventional wisdom.  Sometimes these are mere hoaxes and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that are advanced by paranoid analysis of coincidences and unusual phenomena about which the speakers are usually ignorant. The recent revelation that rapper B.o.B. was a flat-earther was accompanied by supposed “evidence” of the earth’s lack of roundness, such as…
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The New Wave of YouTube “Skeptics”

If you follow social justice topics on the internet, it’s likely that you’ve been made aware of several popular YouTubers who have developed followings by making videos that are harshly critical of mainstream social movements like feminism and Black Lives Matter. I don’t think these groups are or should be immune from criticism, and I…
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Reading My First Tweets

This is a more fun and light-hearted video than usual, and I’m intending to do more stuff like this to break up all the talk of serious issues. That’s not to say there’s nothing substantial though. From reading my old tweets I got a sense of my mindset almost 6 years ago, and I even…
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“It’s Not My Job to Educate You!”

Personally, I think effective communication is essential in order to gain sympathizers to your cause. This is why most successful movements have notable and memorable leaders who communicated the message in a way that was accessible by a large variety of people. In my view effective communication is, among other things, assertive and stern, but…
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Sympathy for Pre-Teens

The older I get (i’m 31 now), I find it harder and harder to relate to kids and teenagers, which is of course what you would expect. The way they speak, the things they’re into, etc. are just on a different wavelength than anything I remember. But one thing that I think seems to persist…
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