Finding “your” people

Finding “your” people

It’s easy to focus on numbers as a content creator. I admit, I constantly check how many views I’m getting, how many subscribers I have on YouTube, how many followers I have on Twitter, etc. And all that stuff has value, don’t get me wrong. A person with a million subscribers is more likely to get a brand deal than a person with five thousand subscribers.

But as an online creator, part of my goal is to build a community of passionate fans who care about the things I care about. And those people represent a tiny fraction of the overall “audience.”

Just because someone is commenting on your posts/videos doesn’t mean they are “your” people. Just because someone follows, likes, or subscribes doesn’t mean they are “your” people.

Your people are the ones that come to your meet ups. Who donate and buy products and merch. Who write you emails about how much your content means to them. Who share all your videos with their friends and family. It’s often hard to quantify your “true fans” but these are the people we should be looking out for and trying to engage.

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