Links to Stuff on the Internet I Personally Recommend and Think are Dope

Updated April 27, 2017

On this page, you’ll find links to websites, blogs, YouTube channels, products and other things that I personally recommend and enjoy. This is a work in progress and will be continually updated. Everything listed here I have personally used or experienced. Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means I get money if you buy the product, but rest assured that everything here is something I truly recommend.


YouTube Channels

I’m a fan of hundreds of YouTube channels, so to narrow this section down, I’m recommending channels similar in nature to my own, i.e channels that discuss politics, current events, social issues, or pop culture in an entertaining, informative and nuanced way. Keep in mind, me recommending a channel does not mean I endorse or agree with every opinion presented on that channel, just that I think the channel is entertaining and valuable. Each of these channels is unique, some focus on politics and news, others focus on pop culture and media, and others do a mix of everything. Some are very serious and scholarly, while others are focused on comedy. Most of them are left-leaning, but others are closer to centrist. I encourage you to check them all out and see which ones tickle your fancy.

Akilah ObviouslyAsh HardellChez LindsayContraPoints | Destiny | Kat Blaque | marinashutup NewsbrokePhilip DeFrancorantasmo | Riley Dennis | sexplanations vlogbrothers | Zinnia Jones



These are various blogs and websites that I have found entertaining and helpful. The subject matter varies widely, but perhaps something could be of use to you.

Paging Dr. Nerdlove – An excellent dating advice blog for men.

Smart Passive Income – A website with tons of information and resources for starting an online business using passive income.



The Tim Ferriss Show – A podcast primarily about how to deconstruct skills and learn to be successful.

Talk Nerdy – Science educator Cara Santa Maria’s podcast about science, math, philosophy and other enlightening topics.

Joe Rogan Experience – Interesting interviews with everyone from athletes, to comedians, to scientists.

Dear Hank & John – A comedic podcast where Hank and John Green provide dubious responses to fan questions.


My Equipment Set-up

These are links to all the equipment I use to make videos. As of right now, it’s a pretty modest and cheap set up, but it gets the job done! I personally endorse all these products, they work great!


 Canon EOS T3I – Main Camera used on my main channel.

Logitech C910 – Webcam used for livestreams and second channel vlogs, I happen to use this one, but you should get the Logitech c920, it’s basically the same but better.

I also use the camera on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, for vlogging occasionally. This phone is old but I love it more than any other phone I’ve tried so far.


Currently, I use two lenses, the Canon EF 50mm and the Canon EF 24mm


Rode smartLav+ – Lapel mic used in most of my main channel videos, it’s meant to be used to record audio to your phone, but you can plug it directly into your camera using the adapter and an audio cable.

Rode VideoMicro – Top-mounted camera mic that is also occasionally used.

Blue Snowball iCE – Microphone used during most livestreams and webcam vlogs.


Logitech G35 – decent cheap headset for gamers on a budget.


65 Watt Equivalent Flood Light Bulbs, Daylight – these bulbs give off a very bright white light. Great for photography and video.

Translucent Umbrella – Diffuses the light!


Adjustable Cellphone Tripod – Comes with an attachment you can put your phone in to help with filming. Also, can be used with other lightweight cameras

Lightweight 60-inch Tripod – Great tripod for beginners, very light, very cheap. Been using the same one for many years.



This is all the software I use to create my videos, graphics, and other work on the internet.

Vegas Pro 14 – Sofware used to edit my videos. Very intuitive and user-friendly and surprisingly powerful. Not recommended for very serious filmmaking though.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Mostly Photoshop for creating images and graphics.

Audacity – Free audio editing software

Windows Snipping Tool – For creating and editing screenshots. If you have Windows, this is probably already on your computer.

Open Broadcaster Software – Free software for encoding videos and livestreams.