Media Representation

Media Representation


I’ve noticed that often people feel disappointed and angry with how certain groups are represented in media such as TV, movies, and video games. Often times groups such as women, people of color, or LGBT folks (among others) are disproportionately excluded from mainstream media. And when they are included, they are often stereotypes or otherwise negative portrayals. The most glaring response to this is to criticize the people who create these works, and accuse them of bigotry and irresponsibility. However, is it really fair to expect someone to understand and accurately express the point of view of a group they are unfamiliar with?

As with most things, it is a little more complicated. Of course, fair and proportional representation is a good thing. It promotes diversity and the celebration of unique ideas, which I believe is uplifting and beneficial to any society. But I’d argue thatĀ fair representation is more about breaking down the systems that deny equal opportunity in media careers to these groups rather than pointing fingers at the media that has already been made.

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