The New Wave of YouTube “Skeptics”

The New Wave of YouTube “Skeptics”

If you follow social justice topics on the internet, it’s likely that you’ve been made aware of several popular YouTubers who have developed followings by making videos that are harshly critical of mainstream social movements like feminism and Black Lives Matter. I don’t think these groups are or should be immune from criticism, and I have my own issues with some of their common ideas, but it seems that it’s becoming the trend for this criticism to extend into outright denial that social injustice even exists. There is a common claim that groups are actively pursuing “victimhood” and pretending to care about issues in order to feel special or righteous. This is, in my view, a very dangerous outlook that is becoming very common on the internet and in the world as a whole, and the leaders of this new “anti-social justice warrior” movement, on YouTube at least, is a small number of popular YouTube “skeptics.”

I am intentionally neglecting to name any names, because I am not here to “call out” anyone. But anyone who follows this sort of thing probably knows exactly the types of channels I’m referring to.

In the days since the filming of this video, viewers have recommended to me lots of good YouTube channels within the skeptic community which acknowledge the facts about social injustice in the world and talk about them with nuance and well-researched ideas. This has given me a lot more hope and inspiration than I had while making this video. The problem is that most of these channels are far smaller than their “anti-social justice warrior” counterparts. It seems that in order to draw a really large audience, you must present a very consistent narrative with little room for nuance, regardless of what side of the fence you’re on.

I hope to work more with other like-minded YouTubers to help balance out the conversations being had on YouTube.

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