WTF is HAKO? Pt 1

WTF is HAKO? Pt 1

Over the past couple of months I’ve ended all of my videos with the mantra “HAKO.” It’s an acronym I came up with a long time ago that stands for Honesty, Assertiveness, Kindness, and Open-mindedness. For the longest, it has served as a personal reminder of what I think are the baseline values a decent human being should have. 

Recently I’ve decided to integrate this phrase into my YouTube videos, and it has very quickly become a significant part of my online persona. Now, much of the time, when I get emails and tweets and comments, people sign off with a ‘HAKO’ for good measure.

I’ve discussed HAKO a couple times before, but I’ve never gone in depth as to why it’s so important to me why I chose these four traits specifically. This video serves as the introduction to a series where I do just that.

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