WTF is “Heterosexual Pride?”

WTF is “Heterosexual Pride?”


I’m a little late on this, but a couple days ago, #HeterosexualPrideDay was trending on twitter. This was clearly a reaction to all of the LGBTQ events that happened in June. The rumor is that the original hashtag was meant to be a joke, but it didn’t take long before the internet grabbed hold of it and people made it real.

Some people used the hashtag to lament the idea that since LGBT people get to affirm their pride, then straight folks should be able to as well. Others used the hashtag to be overtly hateful. Either way it seems to me that “Heterosexual Pride” (and it’s cousin “All Lives Matter”) is born from some people’s inability and/or unwillingness to empathetically or sympathetically comprehend the plight of people who are different than them. It probably also reflects the growing rejection of the idea that certain groups (like straight people) are systematically privileged in modern societies.

Of course, it’s easily demonstrable that non-straight people are a disadvantaged group in most places on Earth to some degree. In many countries it’s not even legal to be a non-heterosexual. But for some reason, people feel that focus equates to exclusion. People feel that if you affirm pride in one community, that you are saying other groups do not deserve respect. Not only is this a mistaken assessment, it misses the point of pride movements altogether. Marginalized groups affirm their pride as a defense against negative stereotypes and oppressive treatment. It’s not just some self-congratulatory circle jerk for no reason. It’s a response to a society that tells them that they aren’t as good and don’t deserve as much. Heterosexuals do not have this problem, and them trying to appropriate a pride movement is a huge slap in the face to people who do.


Side note: This video marks a shift back to my old style of vlogging. Due to events in life, I was forced to switch locations and equipment for a while, so I tried to make do with a calmer more intimate style of vlogging. I’ve decided that I prefer the more energetic, humorous style that I used to do. Also, I believe I’ve found a good location for shooting (my mom’s office that nobody uses for anything) so I’ll shoot most of my videos there for the foreseeable future. Thanks for watching!

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