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there’s like no appropriate time to be an asshole

there are times where you should be assertive and confident, and this may cause others to perceive you as an asshole, but that’s not the same thing

you should never intentionally a dick. that just causes/furthers unnecessary conflict

das jus me doe

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So i had recently started seeing someone, and although it wasn't a committed relationship i figured we both enjoyed each others company, ect. anyways he was distancing himself the last week and i figured that he just wasn't interested, did my best to not get worked up over it and was more then fine at leaving it with that. anyways I just got a text from him this evening stating that he has high hopes of getting back together with his ex and...

"he thought that i should know" but that he was really glad to get to know me and went on with all the overly kind, unnecessary comments like "your really talented and nice" ect. to back him up. Is it wrong for me to be extremely annoyed of this message & even a little angry I don’t even know how to respond because I don’t want to look like I’m crazy.

this is why people should communicate with each other about the status of their relationships and be sure that everyone is on the same page. At any rate, I don’t know what you have to be mad at. It doesn’t look like he did anything wrong. He even talked to you about it instead of leaving you high and dry with no explanation.

yes i play the kardashian game, what of it. i’m a D-list celebrity now guys im gonna be famous

yes i play the kardashian game, what of it. i’m a D-list celebrity now guys im gonna be famous


Unsolicited Writing Advice - Don’t say anything that sounds familiar. When tempted to write a cliche or trite phrase, break the phrase down and come up with something new instead.

For instance: “They fought like cats and dogs.” The cliche is founded upon two animals thought to not get along. Tease out the nature of this relationship. Write that instead:

  • "Their fights were primal, almost animalistic in their instinct-driven perpetuality."
  • "I don’t think they could stop fighting if they wanted to. The conflict had long since become a part of their DNA."
  • "Their fights had become a formality, as natural and as expected as dessert after dinner."

avoiding cliches is a really easy way to set yourself apart from other amateurs. It’s one of the biggest writing lessons I ever learned


that feeling you get when someone texts you first is literally the best because youre like “wow you were actually thinking about me”

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Sorry if you've had this asked before, but do you have another job other than video making? And if so, do you mind saying what it is? Thanks for your time.

I don’t consider my job solely “video making” but making videos is a large part of being an internet dude, which is the only thing I do.

I’m poor, support me if you want.

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What do you think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

i don’t really follow it well enough, but it seems to be a prime example of how religion makes people act ridiculous

Things that Will Make You Feel Old - MOP UP #2 by the1janitor

Just a fun video for you guys this time ^_^

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I saw a post you made on an Elliot Rodger's Retribution video saying the whole story pissed you off and such. May be a little out of date but are you going to make a video focused on your take of that incident?


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I sent you fan mail for advice cause you were my last resort.. should I assume you won't answer?

if it’s already buried in my box with everything else probably not. you can try emailing me or shortening it into an ask, you shouldn’t consider some small time internet dude your last resort though. there are people who are actually qualified to help you with your problems

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In german "Spast" is someone who has some kind of medical problems and it is used as an insult. Its a bit similar to "Idiot". So if someone really dont want to use gay or retarded as insults there are many others which shouldnt be used. Just sayan.

it depends on the culture. and it depends on who cares, people in america don’t 

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Do you answer fan mail?

less than 50% of the time. fan mail is a pain in the ass

assuming you mean tumblr fan mail specifically, and not the general concept of fan mail

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i don't know about elsewhere but in australia spastic is 100% a slur. i am pretty sure it faded from vogue in the 90s but it's up there with r*tard in aus, as far as i know.

interesting. It’s not a slur in America at all

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You said you don't believe no one could have noticed 'spastic' as a slur in Weird Al's 'Word Crimes'. I just wanted to note that in the States, 'spastic' is no more a slur then schoolchild insults. I didn't know it was a slur, and I'm started to learn that most Americans don't know it as such. I think this is just a difference in culture, not outright ignorance.


Hmm… Okay well that does change things. Still pretty ironic though, considering it’s a song about questionable language use.

i definitely didn’t know that “spastic” was a slur

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I've been thinking about that a lot lately with cultural appropriation and all it seems like white people are the only ones that get offended

i’ve heard a few black folks criticize iggy and miley, for example. but white people definitively get offended the loudest