A fictional character being sexualized is not an example of a real issue. Sexualization is fine. Being sexy is fine. Being sexual is fine. Having sexiness as a character’s defining characterization is fine. It’s fictional.

All or most characters being sexualized is moderate issue. The idea that this “normalizes objectification of women in society” is stupid and there is no evidence for this. It is just a talking point that people regurgitate without any data. There is more data to support the idea that video games and movies DO NOT directly influence how we act in our day to day lives, than there is data to support the idea that it does (I don’t think there’s any?). It is exactly the same argument as saying playing violent video games makes you violent, a statement that has been debunked over and over and over.

However, when sexualization of female characters becomes the standard or commonplace, we have a moderate issue, because A. It’s trite and boring. and B. it becomes a general issue because then we have a centralized medium that does not fully represent different types of characters, and I think it is important to have different types of people represented in media (especially in media that is intended to be perceived as “realistic”, as a lot of video games and movies are). However you don’t solve this issue by criticizing pre-existing media with sexualized characters, because pre-existing media is not the problem. It doesn’t matter that Bayonetta wears no clothes. Bayonetta is Bayonetta, that’s her character. That’s how the dudes who made her wanted her to be, so that’s how she is. They are allowed to make whatever they want to make, and you’re allowed to like or not like it. But people like the dudes who made Bayonetta should not be the only people who make media, and that’s where the real issue lies. That’s what you need to be yelling about. Not about Bayonetta’s outfit.

(I’m just using Bayonetta as an example, I don’t think anyone is currently talking about Bayonetta).

The vast majority of Western media is still made by heterosexual white dudes, and that’s probably not any individual white dudes fault, nor is it the fault of anything they’ve made. But the attitudes and institutions that for whatever reason keep women and other groups from being equally represented in media are what we need to focus on and what we need to be discussing. Not whether or not Lara Crofts boobs are too big.

5am rambles

it makes me uncomfortable when people are described as “vapid”

it just seems like a hasty judgment

sometimes people may seem a certain way or put on a certain face in public

but literally zero people I’ve taken the time to get to know have been “vapid” (whether I liked them or not)

I don’t know if that’s a thing

i think like 80-90% of girls are cute

i don’t know if this is weird or uncommon, most of my friends think this is weird


you’re all out of your minds how did i find myself here


Post more selfies.

protip: if you are like me and are bad with money, a good thing is to write down (or type/spreadsheet etc) each and every time you spend or receive money. It really makes you quite conscious of how much you have and makes you think twice before frivolous purchases

Anonymous asked

Why do white people watch your show?

lol wut

i’ve noticed that almost every post on tumblr that begins with “friendly reminder” is something either obnoxious or flat out untrue

Anonymous asked

do you watch anime? if so, what are your favorite series?


Anonymous asked

Top 5 women in video games?


Meryl Silverburgh

The Boss

Sylvanas Windrunner


does GLaDOS count

objectivelyhorribleperson asked

Top 5 comedians?

another thing that changes a lot 

top 5 right now:

louis ck

chris delia

joe rogan

amy schumer

hannibal burress

top 5 all time:

louis ck again

jerry seinfeld

chris rock

mitch hedberg

dave chappelle

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What do you think of the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC/update?

it doesn’t really fit, but it’s baller as fuck

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Do you think there is a way for white cops to show their individual respect for blacks in an attempt to cut down on some of the assumed distrust? My cop friend asked me, but I have no clue. It's not like I can sit with him in his car and wave as we drive through black neighborhoods like, "It's cool, he's with me."

Stop being a cop

stalksships asked

Top 5 video game protags?

Naked Snake

Solid Snake


Tommy Vercetti

maybe john marston