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What are the shady things Anita Sarkeesian has done? Also I looked up her video about Hitman, etc. and that was hugely disappointing :(

lol how much time do you have.

For one, it’s taking her curiously long to produce her Tropes vs Women in Video games series. She received approximately 2600% of her kickstarter goal of $6000, yet over two years later she’s not even halfway done. Her videos are not very complex, and even if she bought entirely brand new equipment and software, that doesn’t account for all the money she received. And she hasn’t really been very forthcoming about where the money is going. Maybe she is using the money to pay herself so she can work on this full time (which is fine), but that shouldn’t take two years, and she should say so if that’s the case.

Phrases that have come out of her mouth:

  • I still love [video games]
  • I’ve been playing video games for a long time!
  • I’m a gamer, and I enjoy games.
  • I’m not a fan of video games.
  • I would love to play video games but I don’t want to go around shooting people and ripping off their heads.

Basically, whether or not she even likes video games seems to be dependent on who she’s talking to do at the moment. And if she doesn’t even play or like video games, I’m not sure she’s qualified to make such an in depth criticism of them.

She regularly uses gameplay footage and artwork from independent creators without crediting or asking. It’s probably legal because of fair use, but it’s still poor form, especially considering that many of the people who’s footage she used specifically request a credit.

Almost NONE of the games she features or mentioned are properly researched by her, and she constantly makes inaccurate or incomplete assertions or implications about them (like implying that Hitman encourages you to kill strippers, when it unequivocally doesn’t).

She has doxed (i.e made personal information public) some of her critics (who are often douchebags, to be fair. but doxing is seriously not okay).

She disables both ratings and comments on all her videos. The rationale for this is that she was getting threats and and violent comments, which is somewhat true (this backlash is part of what made her kickstarter so popular in the first place). But that’s part of the deal man. Either you want to start a discussion or you don’t. If you’re just here to “talk at” us, you’re of no use to anyone. In most places where people discuss her videos outside of YouTube, there is mostly constructive discussion.

As far as I’m aware, she has never seriously addressed or responded to any honest criticism of her videos (or her in general). She mostly just makes sarcastic tweets and shit like that.

probably some more stuff I’m forgetting, but you get the picture

i am not sure if she is a charlatan/con artist or just really, really inept. I feel like by assuming the former I am giving her more credit.

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your hair is my favorite

I really should tag my posts more often i almost never do it

Among other shady and dishonest things she’s done in her career and YouTube series, Anita Sarkeesian literally went out of her way to capture herself (or whomever was playing) needlessly killing strippers in Hitman to prove that video games are sexist.

(Killing them is not necessary, and in fact is discouraged. In that part of the game, you’re actually literally supposed to leave them alone)

Anita is also, by and large, currently a feminist icon on the internet and seems to be well-received by the feminist community.

These are the types of things that make people hesitant to identify with “feminists.”



So this is that “Jesus Wasn’t That Cool” video I was talking about. I decided to keep in short and just mention a few examples. Take it however you want. Comments are welcome.

Love this guy.

Also the1janitor I’m assuming you’ve seen this list? — by the guy who did the SAB

actually haven’t seen that link before, good stuff. Has a lot of things I considered adding to my own video.

‘It doesn’t really work like that’: Actress Anna Paquin sets Larry King straight on bisexuality →

This is how you end ignorance and bigotry. You educate people civilly and thoughtfully. You don’t shout “die cishet scum i don’t have to educate you assholee”

So this is that “Jesus Wasn’t That Cool” video I was talking about. I decided to keep in short and just mention a few examples. Take it however you want. Comments are welcome.

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Soft or crispy?

mostly crispy, but a little softness is good too

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What is your all time favorite food?


I Went to a Smash Bros. Tournament by the1janitor

New video for you guys. Some folks wanted to know more about my life, so here’s a look at something that’s actually been a big part of my life for a while.

Jane gotta donk

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America has at least eight freedom, maybe nine. That’s four more freedom than the next most free country, Australia, and six more than the average amount of freedom for a industrialized nation.

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What's the first thing you remember that has made you laugh uncontrollably before?

I don’t know what the first thing is, but the thing that has probably made me laugh harder than everything else is when I first watched The Juggernaut Bitch

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how do you feel about calling someone a black person? Like "that black guy/girl bought a usb" is it rude? or would it be wiser to not identify people through their skin color?

It’s not rude. I’m not sure why white people think it’s rude.

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Ever listened to Joe Rogan's podcasts? I think they're intellectually stimulating whilst simultaneously entertaining. I've always found it exceptionally boring to educate myself until I stumbled across these. The one with the owner of Vice, Shane Smith, is a good place to start, if you're interested.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of Joe Rogan and his podcasts. I’ve watched/listened to dozens of them.