does anyone actually care that much when celebrity nudes leak? like anyone besides 4chan trolls? i think this is just the media blowing something up yet again that no one actually cares about





Next level trust.

Love that show so much

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do any of you speak Esperanto by chance?

d-blacksheep asked

I have a serious question. I think you said you are okay when someone says you are black because it is true. Is it okay to pointing it out when someone talks about you without having a real reason to do so? I think if someone points out that someone is white, people would think thats worthless information. Is that just because for most People "being white" is the default? Not trying to offend anyone. How should this whole thing be handled?

How should it be handled? Just say what you need to say to get your point across and to paint the picture you’re trying to paint. That doesn’t seem like it’s that hard. If it’s useful to point out someones race then do it. I respond to asks this same way all the time, but I will keep saying it; don’t try to make “rules” about how the world works. If you’re going to make a rule, just follow this rule: don’t intentionally be rude. If you mistakenly be rude, that’s fine, acknowledge it and move on. But every situation is different and there is no book in the sky that tells you how “this whole thing should be handled”. 



all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


how did someone have the perfect picture for this

like did you go to google and search “bemused mailman”

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BREAKING: St. Louis Rams cut Sam, 1st openly gay player drafted in the NFL →







ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Rams have cut Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team.

The 7th-round draft pick has been outspoken and confident as his progress was watched as closely as any rookie in the league. He has been cheered by athletes and celebrities. In the end, the defensive end couldn’t make a team stocked with pass-rushers.

He still can be picked up by another team or make the Rams’ practice squad.

The Rams selected the SEC co-defensive player of the year at Missouri with the 249th overall pick out of 256 overall during May’s draft. Sam came out as gay following his final season at Missouri.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher was proud to have made the landmark pick, but he made clear from the start that he chose Sam because he thought he had the talent to make it.

Developing story. This report will be updated.

Ok. But why was he cut?

I get that the Rams cut a lot of people today (17, I think?), but he did well preseason, so this is extremely discouraging.

He had a game high of 9 defensive tackles in their final preseason game, yet he was cut. Hmmmm.

Micheal Sam played very well in pre-season. So we all know the real reason he was cut..

He played well in the preseason because he got a lot of playing time in the preseason, which is more of a bad indication than a good one. He played a lot so STL’s starters wouldn’t have to play and risk getting injured before the season started. He was productive because he was playing against mostly other non-starters who were in because their teams didn’t want their starters injured.

I like Michael Sam and I hope for the best out of him, but we can go way back to the senior bowl in January and the consensus was that he was too small and too slow to make it in the NFL, and this was before he came out.

He also was playing for St. Louis a team that’s already pretty deep when it comes to defensive line.

Why I Don’t Like Police by the1janitor

As promised. Don’t worry, this video does not mention Ferguson in anyway.


A lot of comments from probably white people saying that I shouldn’t have described Darren Wilson as “white” and Michael Brown as “black” in my column today. That this is about cops abusing humans, and I shouldn’t be making it out like it’s a racial issue. That, more than anything, it’s about the abuse of power. Since I can’t write another fucking column about this, and I’m rocking my high horse today, here’s a response I wrote to someone. Just think more white folk should hear this stuff, and be okay saying it to other white folk…

You’re right, in that the abuse of power is the point, but you’re not looking at the whole picture. I don’t want to assume, but let’s say that for the sake of this discussion you are white. It’s cool, so am I, we’re twinsies.

As a white person, you are able to say “this is not a racial issue” because you don’t see your own race. As white people in America, we are the majority of the population, which means that we are the “normal”. White people can ignore race and “not see it”, because race doesn’t affect them in any negative way thanks to [all of history]. Black people can’t ignore their race, because they experience its effect every day. Socially, economically, pop culturally, and on.

Denying that this is a racial issue is denying that racism exists and that the problems of non-white people don’t exist. Racism isn’t just believing stereotypes or hating someone because of their race. It’s when those prejudices are practiced by those in power over other races. When that prejudice seeps into a society’s system and becomes a part of it. Our country was built on slavery and the oppression of other races. We have since worked beyond the worst of that, but those foundations have not disappeared (and if you think they have, again, I’m going to have to assume you’re white like me?).

Racism is systematic. I don’t see that because the system benefits me. I am no authority on racism because I am not affected by it, but I can listen to people who are authorities on it, and learn. It is okay to not know everything.

And I can’t speak to Darren Wilson’s racial prejudices, or whether or not he even has any. Chances are he does because most people do to some degree. But when there is a clear racism problem in the way our country functions socioeconomically, when white people are the powerful majority on a macro and micro level in America and Ferguson, and when a white police officer in a town with a history of racial bias and tension kills an unarmed black teen whose death is trying to be justified by a flimsy “violent thug” narrative, well…

Yes, it’s a racial thing.

this is an unpopular opinion but

I prefer the old black and white Lisa Loring Wednesday Addamns to the Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams

she was just so adorable




did anita sarkeesian actually fake herself being stalked and harrased

Very badly and obvious too. We totally should get the fbi to investigate these serious threats and let them expose her.

Why not? They seemed like pretty serious threats. We get those shitty people out of the discussion, and Anita can feel a little safer.

Buuuut considering she posted “I am safe with friends” I doubt she’s contacted the authorities at all

anita doing more anita stuff

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Informal infographic depicting evolution 

also, even if we did evolve from monkeys, saying ‘why are there still monkeys” would still be a dumb question

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Passing the Hat


I’ve gotten a few complaints that I don’t make as much stuff as I used to. That my blog is too much reblogged material. This isn’t by choice. I haven’t gotten complacent or lazy. The truth is, I’m a lot sicker than I used to be. My various illnesses just seem to keep getting worse. I’m trying my best to adapt, but it has been hard to maintain the same quantity of new content as I put out in the past. To help with this I have hired a few people to help with day to day minutiae. There are a ton of tiny tasks that really add up and sap away precious energy. The plan is to have people take over those tasks so I can focus all my energy on the creative stuff.

Team Frogman is poised to take a big leap forward in the very near future. I have so many exciting things planned that I can’t wait to share with you guys. But it seems lately things are conspiring against me. 

The publisher for our comics has decided they don’t have the resources to keep publishing them. I am working to find them a new home, but it could take some time. Add to that… Tumblr recently changed how blogs are viewed. Instead of routing readers to my page when they click on my URL from the dashboard, they are taken to a ‘sidebar’ view. My page has a few ads on it, and those have been a significant portion of my income. My page views have been cut by 2/3 since they rolled out that feature.

As you can imagine, this has really hurt my revenue. So cash flow is super tight at a time when I need funds to get some projects off the ground. Projects I know you are going to love. I am hoping to be able to bring you a lot more original content like I did in the ‘good ol’ days’, but these recent setbacks have put a kink in my plans. 

I really hate even bringing this up, but until I figure out new ways to monetize, I could use some help. Think of this as ‘passing the hat’. Sometimes at the end of a free performance, an artist will pass the hat through the audience. Those who are so moved can put in a couple bucks. Like a tip. The audience received a nice performance, and they share their value for that performance, if they can. Many can’t. So they can just pass the hat on.

I am going to put out my hat. Please pass it along if you are moved to do so.

Things you can do. 

Paypal donations. 

If a bunch of folks sent in a few dollars each, I can make sure all my staff gets paid this month. They are amazing people and would probably work for free until we get things figured out, but I would really prefer not having to ask that of them.  

Donate here!

Check out my comics. 

This helps support both myself and Chris, who does the art. Just reading the comics is all you need to do. Read as many as you can before the end of the month. 

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Buy a tshirt!

You can help out and be stylish. Win/win. 

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If you are a maker and sell items on Etsy or ebay, having professional photos of your products can make a huge difference in sales. You can send me the item, I’ll take high quality, color accurate photos and send the item back. 

If you are in the St. Louis area, I can do studio portraits or even personal photography training. 

Some samples of my work can be found here

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Even if you can’t help, I just want to thank you all for your love and support through the years. You have kept me going through some hard times and I can’t express how much you mean to me. 

Here’s a cute picture of puppy Otis as a ‘thanks for reading this far’. I love you all.


Next video is entitled, “Why I Don’t Like Police”