FAQs and Other Questions I Made Up That You May or May Not Want to Know the Answer To

What’s your name? Kevin

How old are you? 32

Where do you live? Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

What is your occupation? Online Content Creator

Really? That’s what you do as your full-time job? Yep.

What does “T1J” Mean? It’s short for “the1janitor.”

Why are you called “the1janitor?” I’ll tell you later.

Are you/have you ever been a janitor? No.

What is your YouTube channel? http://youtube.com/the1janitor

What kind of videos do you make on YouTube? Video essays where I discuss topics that interest me, as well as weekly livestreams.

How do I gain subscribers on YouTube?  By making good videos and doing that consistently.

How can I support you? By becoming a Patreon patron, or making a one-time donation.

How can I support you without spending money? By watching my videos, sharing my videos, disabling adsense on my website and my YouTube channel, not skipping ads on my videos, or following me on social media.

You’re on social media? Yep, Facebook, Twitter, TumblrInstagram. Twitter is the best of those in terms of keeping up with me and hearing from me a lot.

What do you do to get/maintain dreads? Nothing. My hair naturally locks when I leave it alone.

Favorite Book? Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. However, I spend most of my time on the internet, so I don’t read books that much and I can’t have a very intelligent conversation about it.

Favorite movie? If I’m not allowed to say “the complete works of Quentin Tarantino”, then Kill Bill.

Favorite food? Probably chicken fingers.

Political beliefs? Mostly progressive, but you’ll have to be more specific.

Are you a feminist? I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a feminist, but I am a feminist ally.

Are you religious? No, I hate religion.

Why do you hate religion? Because I think it is untrue and evil.

Sexual orientation? Heterosexual.

Are you single? Yep.

Will you marry me? Probably not.

What do you think about white people with dreadlocks? Don’t give a shit. For a more thorough answer, check out this video I made.

If you have a question that has not been answered, feel free to send me a message!